1956 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty SN# 62638

I love this guitar. I personally owned it for years, and then sold it to a friend.

It is an original example of a Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, except for a professional refret and replaced capacitor.

It has no cracks, breaks, or overspray.

It’s insanely resonant and lightweight with a very comfortable neck, with just the right amount of play wear.

It has mild weather checking, and shows buckle wear on the back of the body.

It has one Alnico pickup in the neck, and a P90 in the bridge.

The neck measures at 7.7k ohms, and the bridge measures at 7.3k ohms.

It comes equipped with Dunlop strap locks.

This guitar weighs 8.2 lbs.

This guitar is in good condition, and comes with a non-original SKB TSA case.

It is a great looking, playing, and sounding vintage example.


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