This is a rare opportunity to purchase and own a really vibey 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst at a reasonable price. This ’58 Gibson Les Paul Standard sunburst, serial number 8 5438, was made in the Kalamazoo, MI factory in 1958. It has not been broken or cracked. It is a very fine example of a big necked ’58, light weight, faded top Burst. This instrument was obviously owned by someone who played it professionally, being that it is set up and dialed for excellent playability and sound. The guitar has had minor work done including a refret with ’59 spec fret-wire. In this process the fretboard was slightly leveled, and the original nut remains with lacquer buildup on both sides. The frets show little if any wear. The tuners show single line, single ring Klusons (possibly with newer tips). There is no evidence of Grover or Schaller tuners having ever been installed, although the tuner holes show the possibility of other Kluson-style tuners, the footprint remains the same. There is tight, even weather checking over the top, back and sides. Though this would qualify as a “plain top”, there is some slight, visible birds-eye figuring on the maple top. While there is evidence of the original red burst color under the pickguard and pickup rings, the top has faded to a desirable, amber color. It has a few finish touchups: A small hand-wear spot on the top that has been touched up and buffed out. The area around the logo on the face of the headstock was apparently oversprayed and/or buffed out, and an indentation/ nick (not cracked) on the heel and with apparent overspray on the back of the neck. Again, there is no evidence of cracks or wood repairs. There is an area of finish wear in the upper middle of the back (buckle rash) about three inches by two inches. There is also wear to the finish on the back upper edge through the lacquer down to the wood. All hardware and plastics appear original and are in good condition. The bridge pickup ring shows one crack at the pickup height screw. Bridge pickup reads 8.1K Ohms and the neck reads 7.4K Ohms. In the control cavity all pots, caps and solder joints appear original and intact. Pot codes are partially obscured thus pot dates are unavailable without disturbing the harness. The guitar weighs in at 8.4 lbs.

The guitar is accompanied by its original four latch, brown Lifton case in good overall condition.

I really like the feel of this guitar, especially the neck. It is a really great playing guitar. The light-weight factor gives it a very balanced feel and punchy, resonant tone. I particularly like the fret job. It is especially effortless and accurate to play. It has desirable strong output PAF’s (for a ’58) making the balance between the pickups very good.


Shipping to United States ONLY

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