1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst (The Electric Prunes Burst)

This guitar was manufactured by Gibson in 1960. This is NOT a reissue.

This 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst (SN# 011021) is featured in Burst Believers III, a book by Vic DaPra, on page 167. This late 1960’s produced Les Paul was owned by psychedelic band The Electric Prunes. It was used on their hit single “I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night”. This guitar is now currently owned and used by the multi-talented musician and award-winning producer Oliver Leiber. You can see this guitar being used in the music video for “I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night”.

This guitar came new from the factory with a stop tailpiece and a tune-o-matic bridge. The Electric Prunes guitar player then added a Bigsby tailpiece and a Bigsby bridge, which can be seen in the videos. The moderate flame on the top is revealed when looking from certain angles. It retains its red coloring, a flatter profile neck (as preferred by major guitar icons such as Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page), and reflector knobs; all of which are common for 1960. The guitar includes the added Bigsby and Bigsby bridge, along with the current stop tailpiece and bridge, as well as the original brown case.

011021 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst Inspection:

Good condition; shows mild weather checking. It has the vibrant red color.
I was given the guitar with the Bigsby on. I originally photographed the guitar with the Bigsby on. I then put a stop tailpiece back on, as it originally was.
The ABR 1 bridge is not correct but looks like the original.
The guitar has the four Bigsby screw holes on the bottom of the guitar. There are two screw holes on the top that held the Bigsby in place.
The added Bigsby holes have not been plugged or sprayed.
The PAF pickups and the cream surrounds are original and correct. Both pickups are double black bobbins. One of the bobbins on the neck pickup has been professionally rewound.
The pots are correct and I can’t get a date reading with out pulling a pot. The cavity rout is factory correct and there is evidence of some fresh solder on the pots. The wire from the input jack to the switch has been replaced; the jack has been replaced, but the original jack and jack plate are included. The wire to the three-way switch may have been replaced with the correct wire.
The pickguard appears to be replaced; the hardware is original.
The tuners are original, correct and undisturbed; it has never been reamed for Grovers or Schallers.
The switch tip and poker chip have been changed with newer plastic.
The neck PAF pickup reads 7.99-K Ohms
The bridge PAF pickup reads 8.20-K Ohms
It weighs 8.6 lbs.
This guitar has never been broken or repaired. There are no cracks or overspray, and it blacklights perfectly. The frets are original and correct showing honest playwear. The fretboard is in good shape and has never been planed.

I have known this guitar for many years and it is a very strong sounding and playing burst.

(The last picture shows the guitar as it was with The Electric Prunes.)


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