1962 Epiphone Crestwood Custom Cherry SN# 59813

From the personal collection of Lenny Kravitz; Studio Used.

This is an Excellent condition, original example of a very rare and sought after vintage, collectable guitar.

Beautiful, lightweight, and naturally resonant, with a mahogany body and neck.

Headstock is 3 on a side tuners.

It has mini humbuckers.

This guitar is believed to be made by Gibson in the early 60s.

It has a wide nut, 1 and 5/8″.

It shows vibrant cherry color, with slight fading on the back of the neck.

Batwing plexiglass pickguard.

It has an Epiphone logo vibrato tail piece.

It has early 60s Gibson reflector knobs.

The ABR-1 bridge appears to be slightly newer; this is how Lenny got it.

Weighs 6.6 lbs.

Comes with a non-original Gibson Black and Decker 3 latch case.



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