1962 Fender Stratocaster Fiesta Red SN# 88555
This factory original, custom color Fiesta Red Stratocaster is a curve board, not a slab board.
Other than the very professional refret, the guitar is 100% original. The fretboard was neither leveled nor planed. In my opinion, this guitar now plays better than it would have with factory frets. The price reflects the refret.
All three pots date the same; the code is 304-6232, which is the 32nd week of 1962.
The electronics are in unmodified, excellent condition.
The vibrant red Fiesta color does show some wear and some weather checking, as seen in the pictures, but the overall condition isĀ  good, and it is a particularly nice playing Strat, which is only enhanced by the professional fret job.
The weight is 8.2 lbs.
The original brown case has one replaced latch; the original broken latch is in the case.
The case itself is in fair condition, and the guitar is in good condition.
This is a very popular year and a very popular color for the Fender Stratocaster. It’s a lot of guitar, and I feel I have it priced fairly.

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