1962 Hofner Cavern Bass SN# 082
Unbound fretboard, vertical Hofner decal on headstock.
Hofner is embossed on the pickup covers.
Very desirable model, similar to the violin bass that Paul McCartney first played at the Cavern Club.
The bass comes with the original black composite green-lined case.
The unbound fretboard model with the two pickups closer to the neck is a much different animal from the later Hofner violin basses. This one has to be played to really understand how incredible they sound.
I originally purchased this bass from the Scott Chinery collection, and I eventually sold it. The person I sold it to thought the normal neck seam was a crack, and had it touched up and oversprayed. However, it has never been cracked, and is structurally sound. The price does reflect the overspray though.


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