This guitar started life as very resonant 1952 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top, with a trapeze tail piece.

It was a good sounding guitar to start with, however, I commissioned luthier Jim Foote (Music Works) to convert this guitar to a wrap around tail piece, route it for PAF humbucking pickups, and refret the guitar.

It was not necessary to reset the neck; I personally don’t like doing that to guitars. The wrap around tail piece is such that it doesn’t require a neck reset; it plays perfectly with low action.

This guitar does the same job, with the same look, feel and sound, as a ’57 or ’58 PAF Gold Top, but without spending over $100,000.00. Perfect for taking on the road.

The PAF pickups are a set of late ’50s/early ’60s pickups. The pickup surrounds are aftermarket. The wrap around tail piece is also aftermarket. The pickguard appears to be the original one, only cut for humbuckers. It has the original tuners; it has not been reamed for replacement tuners.

The bridge pickup measures at 7.7k ohms, and the neck pickup measures at 7.4k ohms.

Jim Foote did an incredible job refretting this guitar with 1959 sized fret wire.

The guitar weighs 8.6 lbs. It’s in good condition.

Several years ago, I was asked by the legendary guitar player, producer, songwriter John Shanks if I had a good old Les Paul with PAFs. John has an incredible vintage guitar collection, including ’59 Bursts, and he knows vintage guitars very well. He loves this guitar, and used it on many studio recordings, as well as live on stage with Bon Jovi. He has asked me to sell this for him in order to fund a larger purchase.

It comes with a non-original reissue brown case.



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