This 1955 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty is a fantastic example of an extremely desirable and collectable golden era Gibson. These still sit remarkably under the market value of a Gold Top or Burst with PAF’s, but retain all of the craftsmanship, mojo and class one would expect of a 50’s Gibson electric.

This Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty (SN# 512267) was made in the Kalamazoo, MI plant in 1955. It is in 8.5, Good+ condition. It has had no breaks, repairs or finish work and aside from an incredibly well done refret with appropriate size fret wire, it is otherwise all original. The body and back of the neck show light to moderate finish checking and a small number of slight dings and scratches are visible. The guitar weighs a perfect 8.4 Lbs and has an incredibly balanced feel. The action is low, and the neck is straight and level, making it a true pleasure to play. The factory gold hardware shows some light tarnishing but still has a beautiful gold patina. The original knobs are in great condition and the guitar retains it’s original wiring harness, pots, and paper caps. The pickups read an ideal 7.6 K Ohms in the bridge and a smoking 8.0k Ohms in the neck position. All plastics, tuner buttons and tuners appear original and are in great shape as well. The tuner holes are stock, and no other tuners have ever been installed. It comes with its original 1950’s black yellow lined case.


$400 shipping

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