1956 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Tune-o-Matic All Gold SN# 64355 Very Good Condition This is a very popular model, with the Tune-o-Matic bridge and stop tail piece. 1956 was the last year for these appointments, in 1957, they changed the P90s to Humbucker PAF pickups. Inside the control cavity, the soldering on the pots is all original and has never been touched. The neck pitch is perfect, and the neck is round and comfortable, not too big. 1956 Gibson Les Paul necks are considered to have just the right amount of thickness and are very comfortable to play. This is a very resonant guitar. It shows weather checking. It has never had any modifications, no Bigsby, no changed tuners or frets. It weighs 8.8lbs The neck pickup is 8.0k ohms, the bridge pickup is 7.5k ohms. The original brown Lifton 4 latch case is also in very good all original condition, and you can tell it came with this guitar. After the original inked on serial number, there appears to be a pressed in ’0′, which is unexplained. It could have come from the factory that way, or it could have been done for personal identification purposes. This is a collectors grade guitar, in an all original and clean condition. It also happens to be a great playing and sounding guitar. $49,999.00

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