Slab board Stratocasters (from 1959 to 1962) are very desirable due to extensive use from Stevie Ray Vaughan. Being that they are a thicker piece of wood, they have a slightly different tone and response than the later laminate boards.

This guitar, a 1960 Fender Stratocaster Slab Board Sunburst SN# 50385 has been professionally refreted making it a more player friendly instrument. Other than that, the guitar is original as it left the Fullerton factory and has all the desirable Pre-CBS appointments.

It has had no structural cracks, finish work or wood repairs.

The body finish shows very light weather checking and is in a clean, but played condition.

There is an area of buckle wear on the back next to the back plate where the finish has worn off.  The neck shows little to no weather checking and shows minimal playwear overall.

The finish is worn on the back of the neck but smooth and only slightly discolored. The frets were professionally replaced with larger wire and the Brazilian rosewood slab board with clay dots is in very good condition.

The nut appears original, has no issues and rings clear and open on all strings. The mint green pickguard, back plate, pickup covers, switch tip and knobs appear to be correct and original to this guitar. They are in very good to excellent condition.

The mint green pickguard shows the typical shrinkage but has no cracks.

The back plate has one small corner crack (glued) at one screw head.

All pickups, pots, 3-way switch and wiring are original to this guitar. All solder joints appear original and untouched.

The pickups read 5.6 (neck), 5.3 (middle) and 5.6 (bridge).

All hardware (tuners, bridge, strap buttons, and jack) appear as well to be original to this instrument. The original brown tolex case is in good condition, as well as the original tremolo arm included.

This guitar needs nothing; it’s setup perfectly. Just plug in and play.


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