These Gibson Les Paul Customs were the most expensive, top of the line models of the Les Paul guitars available at the time.

Les Paul himself was known for using this model and called them “fretless wonders” because the small, low frets made for fast chord changes.

This one, a 1956 Gibson Les Paul Custom (Black Beauty) SN# 6 11856, is a very clean, excellent condition, and 100% original example of a highly desirable Les Paul Custom.

This Les Paul Custom was manufactured in the Gibson Kalamazoo, MI factory in 1956.

It has not been broken, cracked, repaired or modified in any way. It retains its original glossy black finish with minimal weather checking.

The gold hardware is showing minimal wear with very little tarnishing.

The electronics, all hardware and plastic are 100% original to this guitar.

The factory original frets show minimal wear.

It has a round, comfortable neck.

The tuners are the original “waffle back” Klusons.

There is no evidence of other types of tuners having ever been installed.

All hardware and plastics appear original and are in excellent condition.

Bridge pickup reads 7.2K Ohms and the neck reads 7.9K Ohms.

In the control cavity all pots, caps and solder joints appear original and intact. Pot codes are obscured thus pot dates are unavailable without disturbing the harness.

The guitar is accompanied by its original black, yellow lined Gibson logo case in good overall condition.

The guitar weighs in at 9.6 lbs.




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