1954 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top SN# 40858, W/ Added Bigsby

This guitar is so cool. A lot of people are asking me for Les Pauls with a lot of natural playing wear, vibe, and character, and this one has it all.

It is an original ’54 Les Paul Gold Top that someone added a Bigsby to, and it comes with the original sales contract in the case. It was purchased May 15th, 1954 for $254.95, in Kansas City, MO.

It has heavy arm wear marks over the top bout, with greening and thick weather checking.

It appears to be an original stop tail piece, with original studs and wrap around tail piece.

The Bigsby tail piece and Bigsby bridge appear to have been added early on, because the fade indicates they have been mounted for most of its life.

It has original frets and tuners, and the electronics in the cavity are 100% correct.

The bridge pickup measures at 7.5k ohms, and the neck pickup measures at 8.0k ohms.

Fair condition.

Weighs 8.4 pounds

Comes with original 4 latch brown Lifton case.

If you like playing a guitar that has already been broken in, and one that has incredible vibe and mojo, you will love this guitar.


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