1960 Gibson ES 355 TD Cherry Red SN# A34125

This was my personal guitar for many years. It is a spectacular player’s grade guitar, NOT a collector’s guitar.

It is a factory Bigsby.

When I bought it, it came with double white PAF pickups.

I took the double whites off this, and put them on a flamey 1959 Les Paul Sunburst Flame Top.

I replaced them with these early ’60s double black patent number pickups.

The bridge reads at 7.6k ohms, and the neck reads at 7.8k ohms.

The guitar was retunered at one point with Schaller machine heads/tuners, but it has period-correct gold Grovers back on it.

It has a tuner line separation on the bass side of the headstock, on the laminate wing of the headstock, which is not uncommon. It does not go all the way through, and is still structurally solid.

The Varitone circuitry has been removed, and it is now wired for mono.

The original pickguard has started to deteriorate; it is included in the case, as well as the original Varitone circuitry.

It’s got a very comfortable and round ’59 style neck. The original factory frets are in good condition, and show minor playing wear.

The guitar weighs 8.2 lbs.

It comes with the original black factory case.



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