One of the rarest and most sought after of vintage Fender amps, the Fender Tweed 3×10 Bandmaster has been a benchmark live and recording amplifier for such greats as Joe Walsh, Eric Clapton, Pete Townsend and Keith Richards to name a few.

The Fender Bandmaster line began in 1953 with a short-lived 1×15 incarnation eventually to become the sought-after narrow panel 3×10 in late 1955 5E7 Model.

This amp delivers 26 Watts through three original P10R 10″ Jensen Alnico speakers. Tubes are one 12AY7 and two 12AX7′s in the preamp. Output tubes are two 6L6GC’s and rectifier tube is a 5U4GA.

Sharing many tonal qualities with the later and much sought after Bassman, the much rarer 3×10 Bandmaster breaks up sooner (26 watts vs the 40 of a Bassman) making it a fantastic rock or blues amplifier when moderately cranked up. Cleans from this amp at slightly lower volume are magnificent as well.(Especially as that’s what they were originally designed to deliver).

This amplifier is an incredible sounding example (I have owned 15 or so of these over the years). It is all original except for a few caps (as seen in photos) and the original handle although is included, has been swapped for a usable modern equivalent.The original tweed is in very good condition for it’s age, showing slight use and some red marker/ name on the back, likely to deter theft.It still has its original two-prong power cable. All transformers and other internals appear to be factory originals.

Finding clean, original and great sounding 50′s Fender 3×10 Bandmasters has become much more difficult (especially from a reputable source) and this one will surely not disappoint.

$250.00 Shipping to Continental US Only.

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