This guitar (SN# L85317) is a 100% original, untouched example of a 1965 (Transition-era Pre-CBS) Fender Stratocaster in excellent 8.8 out of 10 condition.

No solder joints have been disturbed on this factory Candy Apple Red finish Stratocaster.

Boasting a transitional fender logo on the pre-CBS smaller headstock, pearloid inlays on the Brazilian rosewood, laminate fretboard and ABS plastic pickguard.

The body is in excellent condition with light weather checking and an area on the back where the finish has worn through. The neck, dated/stamped “JUN 65 B”, is also in excellent condition with no significant wear to the back, fretboard or frets. The factory original frets are virtually unplayed. The headstock shows a slight discoloration from the standard “cigarette burn” often practiced in the 60’s/70’s. Nut appears stock. The original, grey-bottom pickups (two of which are dated 5/20 and one 5/21 of 1965) rest in the original, white ABS plastic pickguard and read a clear/strong 6.67k Ohms for the bridge pickup, 6.56k in the middle and 6.24k in the neck position.

Stratocasters approaching the mid-60’s are known for their slightly “hotter” winding and fuller, meatier sound. All hardware appears stock/original and in stellar condition as well.

Weighing a perfect 7.6Lbs, this is a highly collectible and strong sounding example of a transition-era, pre-CBS, “L” plate serial number custom color Fender Stratocaster.


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